What I said to other Bretons in these periods of division between those who accept the jab and those who refuse it

Hello to you,

You must know that we are going through a collective initiation, life size, a gigantic athanor with planetary dimensions and that we must be aware of where we are exactly. We are being shaken, crossed in our small insecure selves through an energetic storm. …

Heighten your life with a simple daily exercise


Love-Vibration and love-feeling are different. Love-Vibration is unconditional energy that connects all consciousnesses equally. Love-Feeling is a conditional emotion between two or more consciousnesses. Both are very different even though they can be connected.

Scanning and regulating

Sit down on a chair.

The goal is first to lay your consciousness in the field…

Fractals ebb and flow continuously between both sides of consciousness

The premise of The Holofractographic Unified Field Theory research is that space is not empty, it is full. It is full of an energy that, through a specific set of fractal geometry, creates atomic structures that are themselves made of 99.999% space. It is a sea of electromagnetic flux we…

Jean Carfantan

From Brittany. Founder of Queen’s Children I receive spiritual teachings through my writing to transmit them. youenn at imagi.in .

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