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Universe as we see it, is a simulation for our brain to deal with reality and to allow our body to act in a secure interaction.

Universe as we see it, is a simulation for our soul to be able to discover itself inside a constraint and limited universe. Don’t let your soul be jailed in the belief, this opera where you live in, is all you have. This universe is created from the Source continuously but our senses and our brain are created to see a stable universe. …

Delivering and rediscovering the Sacred Feminine

A big fire appearing like a woman, at night.
A big fire appearing like a woman, at night.
Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

Once upon a time, the Queen was abducted and kept in a prison underground. Her baby was left behind her. The king entrusted the child to a nanny in the countryside. Her people who loved her were questioning about her disappearance. So the king who had planned to steal her power, presented them an other woman who had the exact Queen’s appearance but pretended to give him her fake sovereignty. Sovereignty was held by the Queen on the land who delegated it to the king. The king had no power if it was not granted by the Queen.

People were…

My Black woman does not want to visit USA. The only time she crossed the frontier from Canada, they called her job to be sure she had a work yet.

Change your point of view to make the beauty grow

Photo by Valeria Ushakova from Pexels

Every creation on this planet tends to beauty. Our collective vision as the human specie, contaminates this beautiful world into an ugly one because of the separation we feel. We are so poorly connected with half our brain, we need to bridge both hemi-brains otherwise we run towards our planet destruction. We, as writers may describe/inscribe those who have no words : human, plants, animals, rock, trees… Poetry is of paramount importance for our world transformation. Art is not just recreation as psychedelics is not just amusement.

Poetry is the human language that can try to say what a tree…

Slowness : prompt

How does your awareness cursor travel through time?

Photo by Paul on Unsplash

I like the slow pace of time
Deploying great loads of knowledge,
Tasting so much knowledge
Coming to my awareness cursor
Between the known and the near-known
On the verge on being known.

I like this magical movement
That swings on two parallels:
Body ageing and Soul feeding.
Just a window of time between
Two eternities, beads strung
On the thread of the consciousness
Of the eternal present.

The unknown yearns to be recognized like the darkness to be illuminated.

I found a house despite the difficulty of the current situation where many Breton retirees are returning to the country…

Exhaling exile

photo courtesy of the author

Enez Veur (Big Island in Breton, Ile Grande in French) is connected to the mainland by a small bridge over an inlet. It is a chaos of islands and rocks with white sand beaches, a paradise to roam in with your kayak.

so close to the shore but so free

The tides like breaths discover mineral treasures
Like zen gardens of white sand and green water

Prehistoric pines are brushed by time and wind
Their rough salty skin is quite mineral

The sea pushes its secretions deeply
In coves and rock indentations

I feel wonder and sadness in this beauty…

Unlearning: prompt

Leave all your childhood scaffoldings

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

[…] any aid, however high or divine, eventually becomes an obstacle, because it is meant for one step only, and we have many steps to take and more than one truth to conquer. — Satprem in Sri Aurobindo or The Adventure of Consciousness

For evolution we need to learn and unlearn continuously. Our parents built scaffoldings to raise us then now we need to get rid of them to be able to become who we are. You can give the hairs of your dog to the birds, they won’t see them in winter or any season till they reach Spring…

We are in the core of our solution

Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

You know this famous quote by Rumi, that was used by Leonard Cohen… You know it is beautiful and one day you realize it is the core of our lives on Earth.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

― Rumi

We live on the verge of the canyon, if we focus on the void, we are in danger, if we focus on the way, we go on walking with lightness, love and joy.

Master your focus, this is the way.

I call you to welcome Spirit among us. She is dedicated to Spirit as her chosen…

Jean Carfantan

From Brittany. Founder of Queen’s Children I receive spiritual teachings through my writing to transmit them. youenn at sten.33mail.com .

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