Imagination is the tool to shift your reality: prompt

… to create our reality right now

Often we do all kind of things at sleep, we travel in others densities, meeting beings in other realities. …

Universe as we see it, is a simulation for our brain to deal with reality and to allow our body to act in a secure interaction.

Universe as we see it, is a simulation for our soul to be able to discover itself inside a constraint and limited universe. Don’t…

Delivering and rediscovering the Sacred Feminine

A big fire appearing like a woman, at night.

Once upon a time, the Queen was abducted and kept in a prison underground. Her baby was left behind her. The king entrusted the child to a nanny in the countryside. Her people who loved her were questioning about her disappearance. So the king who had planned to steal her…

prompt: Truth will set you free

unless a collective awakening

A labeled 8 minutes text, 8 minutes out of time, 8 short minutes. And I dive into our responsibility, never our guiltiness. Why the feminism is only the first pace ? Because we cannot shake up patriarchy just by challenging the place of women in this sick structure of domination…

Surrendering to our inner presence rather than to the prevailing thought

The old world is collapsing with a convergence of factors: biological collapse, collapse of resources, collapse of values and institutions, rise of the fracture between people, deficit of the values of consent and freedom, smoothing of the diversity in the uniformity of the unique thought.

This journey that we are…

Jean Carfantan

From Brittany. Founder of Queen’s Children I receive spiritual teachings through my writing to transmit them. youenn at .

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