They do all their misdeeds inside the latency

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Women, Blacks we have to support you, because WE HAVE THE DEEP RIGHT TO GET RESPECT FOR THE PRECISE SHAPE WE INCARNATE INSIDE THIS WONDERFUL PLANET. Keep your ground, it is an everyone’s fight for our planet, our daughters and sons.

This fight is not for Women, for Blacks, it is a fight to live on this beautiful planet as an harmonic orchestra, for every people to play its own incarnation.

You feel the latency in radiowaves, light, there is a latency between spirit and matter. Some alien consciousness is hacking this latency, they take one millisecond to make it centuries and kill our consciousness.

We have to support the new heralds of our consciousness.


With their fake values they want to kill our heritage with self-deprecation.

© Jean Carfantan The Plato’s Cave from outside

Universe as we see it, is a simulation for our brain to deal with reality and to allow our body to act in a secure interaction.

Universe as we see it, is a simulation for our soul to be able to discover itself inside a constraint and limited universe. Don’t let your soul be jailed in the belief, this opera where you live in, is all you have. This universe is created from the Source continuously but our senses and our brain are created to see a stable universe. …

Delivering and rediscovering the Sacred Feminine

A big fire appearing like a woman, at night.
A big fire appearing like a woman, at night.
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Once upon a time, the Queen was abducted and kept in a prison underground. Her baby was left behind her. The king entrusted the child to a nanny in the countryside. Her people who loved her were questioning about her disappearance. So the king who had planned to steal her power, presented them an other woman who had the exact Queen’s appearance but pretended to give him her fake sovereignty. Sovereignty was held by the Queen on the land who delegated it to the king. The king had no power if it was not granted by the Queen.

People were…

prompt: Your daily strategies

Do you do things directly from inspiration without thinking twice?

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Do you easily cope with your guilt when you do things from inspiration, when you do things contradicting morality? You don’t feel guilty until people around you make you feel a pinch of guiltiness inside.

You were sure it was the right thing, until people reactions or yourself made you doubt.

On my own, I have had difficulties to adapt myself here. I have to think strategies for simple daily things sometimes to reconstruct things that seem natural for many. Navigating between left brain and intuition, rethinking my past recent deeds, I use to wonder what was the right move…

The cursor between knowledge and incarnation

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We just can’t stay in the kingdom of ideas, knowledge has to be incarnated to exist. We need to be involved in the affairs of the world otherwise the vacancy is dangerous and may be used by malevolents. This is why I don’t like the word Spirituality, this word is a way to park us in the domain of the spiritual only and leave the space for beings with hidden agendas. Those who don’t live their values are liars, cheaters and demagogues, they don’t represent us, we need to incarnate our values and give power to real representatives. …

The sunken paths have been trodden so often

Lannion, Brittany : Courtesy of the author

So many feet have trodden these holloways before us
Like neuron paths in the brain, they run on the ground.

I was walking mesmerized in those energetic veins engraved
And I knew that what is in front of our eyes is yet passed.
What our eyes are seeing is yet the consequences of the past
The now is not yet here in a materialized form, it is elsewhere.

What you see is not the source of your knowledge, otherwise
if you believe it you are trapped in a maze, in a forever loop
Where new cannot be. …

Your favorite sacred tree: prompt

She embalms all around

Courtesy by the author

She put on her wedding dress
Embalming all around,
Bathing the surrounding countryside
With a flowery and sweet smell,
Singing loudly her divine
In a long blessing to all Life,
Calling for foraging wings.

Time to meditate inward,
Time to meditate outward.
In winter she was centered
In a long deep meditation.

She just walks inside
Through time cycles,
Connected to the whole life
Playing her divine score,
Free inside
the whole orchestra concert.

She is in harmony with her divine
Like every single life.
Nobody plays false notes
But immature humans.

Please tell us stories (fictions or your life)…

12 precious posts unwinding this Ariadne’s Thread like in a collective book

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After some lock down time and the coming of sunny days in the North hemisphere, we feel the pulse to go and explore. Our posts receive waves of each others and connect on the same theme:

  1. Beth Stormont, in Are You Confused?. . ., replaces the alternative about doing or being by incorporating both.
  2. Kat Magik, in Water As Intimacy, describes intimacy with deep self-love while floating in water.
  3. Nalini MacNab, in Miracle Orb, celebrates Gaia and the miracle of life, connection and consciousness She allows.
  4. Joseph Lieungh, in A Path of Loving Expansion, sings about the natural longing to…

Simplify your prompts

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Simplify and earn some time when listing your contributors

To do this you’ll need to install Python (here Python3) and Beautiful Soup. Python is a programming language. It is elegant, robust, coherent and versatile. Beautiful Soup is a Python library used to extract data from web pages.

Python has a simplified syntax where, where unlike other languages, you don’t need to use semicolons to materialize each end of line. Besides you don’t need neither braces but instead you care about indentations to manifest what is nested inside what.

Anyway, any error is debugged in your console with the specific line.

To install it, please read the manual.

Install libraries

Now you…

Jean Carfantan

From Brittany. Founder of Queen’s Children I receive spiritual teachings through my writing to transmit them. youenn at .

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