During a shroom session, the Goddess Unveiled her Plans for Gaia

Next kind and sweet Revolution through women

Jean Carfantan
2 min readSep 22, 2022


Disclaimer: This is not health advice, I am not promoting the use of illegal drugs.

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Now when I receive the Mother Teotlnanácatl’s gift in the form of magic mushrooms, I have no more hallucinations but I connect with my guides and receive strong visions and messages.

I took a dose with my wife and we had a strong connection with the Goddess.

She reconnected with her matrilineal lineage. Her family is from West Indies and she feels a strong connection with Africa. She reconnected with her power and her mission as a benevolent witch. Her mother is yet a powerful woman.

She was summoned to take action for this planet. Women have to take their place. Their empty place has been taken by men. They have the power because they have the power to give life, while the patriarchy, only has the power to give death. Women have the gift of shedding blood for life, while men have taken the reverse power of shedding blood for death.

By her side, I received strong visions and intuitions, that the only great revolution will come through women. I saw small groups of women connecting through a network, growing underground like a mycelium and giving the power back to the Goddess through the Sweet and Kind Revolution of Love, spreading from home to home, underground, and dissolving any violence, converting hearts all over this planet.

She confirmed my mission to induct women, to give women the power they have yet. Patriarchy has destroyed self-confidence in women. The first step is to believe in themselves and those men who suffer so much from patriarchy may be a great help to restore their self-confidence.

Around our couple, strong women warriors have met with us and now the time is ripe to start realizing the Goddess’ vision on Earth. Begin at your level, reconnect to your self-confidence, women have all in them, they don’t need to search outside. Then organize weekly meetings with other women, like Tupperware® meetings where there is no judgment, just love, transparency, and no hidden agenda.



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