I think it is interesting and I read and practice Byron Katie too. Though life is not so simple or binary. We are not just individuals, we live in a collective fabric or tissue. Like me , you are white, besides you are living in a prosperous country who believes only into individual freedom. This individual freedom has been built over destruction of native cultures who did not get back their collective freedom and culture. This is true about every empire including many european countries… Sometimes things come from evil governments who work against the common sense and the common good. Do you think we can solve planet contamination only on the individual level, remove plastic waste from the oceans ? OK it begins with individual responsibility but it is not enough. and not that simple, it is only a first step to recover. Thank you for your article.

From Brittany. Founder of Queen’s Children I receive spiritual teachings through my writing to transmit them. youenn at sten.33mail.com .

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